How To Move Into Your New Home On A Budget!

If you are a first time home buyer, moving into a bigger space, or planning on doing large renovations at home. This article is for you! You are wanting to turn this house into your home but you don't want to have an empty bank account doing so. Hopefully, these quick points can help you. Read these 4 tips to plan ahead when it comes time to furnish your home!

Get Transparent Advice: When you start looking for your new home the first piece of advice is a rather simple one. Get trustworthy professionals and be upfront on your expectations of them. When I worked with my realtor and mortgage broker I told them how I wanted to know all the costs upfront. When it came to properties under my budget that needed work, I was given detailed prices of how much the renovation would be, given comparables to confirm that, and introduced to the trades that could do it for me. My mortgage broker was also very transparent with closing costs once we did get approved for our mortgage and how best to break these down to easier payments. While working with my team there was no surprises or times of uncertainty.

Shop Ahead Of Time: With my situation, I am moving into a newly built home that needs to be fully furnished for the most part. What my Fiancee and I did was to build a list of items that we needed, going from room to room and ranked them by priority 1-5. Once we had this list we started shopping and visiting websites to see what we wanted and where we could get the best deals. Once we landed on our perfect item we wrote it on our master list.

*This is great if you don't have the space to buy things and store them until you move-in*

Pay For It Early: What you hear oftentimes is that when you move in, furnishing the house becomes extremely expensive. All these things you knew and didn't know you needed all coming in at once. A simple solution is to buy it early! This is easy to do if you have the space to store it but what if you don't? What we did was to open a side account (* High-interest savings account with CI Direct Investing - and when we knew what item we wanted and how much it was, we moved that amount over to our account. This way we were gradually buying the items without taking the space. When we move into our home we will go out and purchase these items using this separate account earmarked for it.

Pinterest & Marketplace: The emergence of Pinterest as a go-to app for DIY projects can save you a ton of money. What we found as we started shopping for bedroom sets, entertainment systems, etc. Was that these can be overpriced compared to making it yourself or finding something potentially for free on Facebook Marketplace and restoring it. Of course, not everyone is interested in this but if you are then there is a lot of money to be saved and experiences to be made in your new home!

I hope these quick tips can help you move into your new space with ease and get you ready to host your friends and family in your beautifully furnished home.

ps: I am always open to dinner invites! 😉

Happy Shopping!

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